Your business’s development in the Internet

Guten Web - IT company that specializes in the promotion of our customers' businesses in the Internet.

The basic value of our company is to improve our customers' business processes. The companies which are cooperated with us for 2-3 years became leaders in their niches.

Our services:

The logic of work with the client is depends on his objectives in the marketing. Depending on the client's long-term objectives in the business, we can offer an adequate plan for the development of his capabilities on the internet (website, social media, advertising).

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimiazation (SEO) occupies an important place in our activities. Changes in the client's website must be justified from the point of view of network users. Studying of customers' website search positions must precede of all other types of works, and actually dictate the next steps in the development of the client's business in the network. Therefore, we do not make any changes without prior evaluation of the effectiveness of these changes to improve the capacity of the search engine of the customer's website. All of the following works (software engineering, new features, usability, design) logically follow from summarized users' requirements to the client's website.

Software Development

Our company operates more than 3 years. During this time, a large number of projects were successefully performed. They can be found in our portfolio . For three years we have been consistently improving our competences in the field of software development, internet marketing, search engine optimization, websites' usability. Of course, our increased capacities will bring undoubted benefits to all our customers, which has got business interests in the Internet.

Our own projects

At the same time, we are working with our own projects, which on the one hand, makes company profitable, and on the other help us better work out the complexities of the interaction between the requirements of the business owners and the needs of network users. Our major projects - a cartographic resource and a portal for parents «Family Park» (main topic: catalog of uniformal child activities in a city), information and educational portal for IT professionals  and a catalog of selected plugins jQuery.

Company’s structure

Our company has a department responsible for marketing (promotion, conversion, analysis, contextual advertising, design)  and software development department. These offices work in close contact, so that "all the buttons on your online jacket will be sewn correctly. "


The company employs a diverse staff: professionals who lead the software development, make websites layout and design.  Also, our team has professionals with competencies in SEO, internet marketing, business intelligence, online economy. Learn more here.

The Guten Web mission

improvement of our customers’ business processes in the Internet


We use the latest technologies and platforms:

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