This website (“First metal goods Center”) is our most expository product. We made it thoughtfully and attentively. The period of development took more than six months. All pages and sections are well thought out and we made user friendly. It was developed more than 20 designs and prototypes in close cooperation with the customer within 2 months. We are doing constant Search engine optimization (good quality of semantic core, covering all categories of goods).

Basic characteristics of this website are:
  • Made on CMS Drupal;
  • Website database gets the price list (XLS file) from accounting programm 1C;
  • All old price are saving in database and cart of price history is drafted on the page;
  • Interactive catalogue of the products;
  • Interactive table (of prices) on the main page and disposal in the chart by category;
  • Integration with marketplace Yandex.Market;
  • Light mobile version of the website.

Achievements: Customer’s business is developping very sustainably. Search potential is very high.
We love this project (“Russian ice”) very much because it’s about of beauty, beauty of ice, treated with human hands. We made careful work with the client at all stages, taking into account his smallest wishes. SEO support was included in our work.

Main features of the project:
  • Big and informative photo gallery;
  • Beautiful and modern effects for the browser;
  • Adaptive mobile version;
  • Drupal CMS platform.

Achievements: Russian ice takes place the first position of thematic queries in St. Petersburg
We are creating Landing pages on any y topic. Here we mention the Lp's made for Moscow tourist company "7 feet tour " - the works to promote family camps: A large variety of javascript effects made these Lp visually alive and not boring. Client is uses these LP as the Internet presentations for their tourist products. To promote these Landings we use Yandex.Direct.
Little but beautiful site on Drupal CMS. Its mission - attract customers to order vehicles.
Because of careful work on SEO optimization the site fully meets the customer objectives.
Official website of the company, which manufactures instruments and related tools St. Petersburg.

Main features of the project:
  • Multi-level product catalog with search system;
  • Tables of comparative characteristics of goods;
  • The unique interface of the goods characteristics editing (variants of product manufacturing).
Personal website of law and accounting consultant.

http://bestmaps.ru/ - the aggregator of satellite images from different providers of maps (i.e Google, Bing, Here, OSM). Users have the possibility to see several sattelite maps (or images) in one website. We made the special feature, when two maps coould be seen on one screen.

http://bestmaps.ru/- is as well a catalogue of interesting places related with the satellite images.The website is visited by 25 000 users per day; monthly audience more than 0.5 mln people.

Main features of the project:
  • Drupal CMS;
  • Responsive design;
  • Backbone, Leaflet.js.

Achievements: It’s our own product, which gives fixed income.
Our own project based on Yii framework. We began it 2 years ago as a catalogue of organizations of non-formal education and leisure in Pskov and several more cities of Pskov region. Step by step it represents today the most vast base of organization which offer the services of non-formal education for children in Pskov region. Unfortunately we can not bring the project to the realization of the extremely large volume of work. Now we continue to impove it. But we have to say that we need partners to invest into the project’s development.
Easy and beautiful online store for the sale of colored cardboard for children and adults. Very user friendly shop on CMS Drupal.
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